My take on the Clippers

I am having a cathartic moment. Good riddance to racism, particularly at levels of power. Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been under the public scrutiny for making racist comments privately made with his girlfriend about Black people. The television network TMZ released clips of his secretly recorded conversation with the girlfriend and for many who know Sterling this was no surprise. However, his views towards Blacks were very much a surprise to the public at large.
Many claimed that Donald Sterling is in a position of power and he epitomizes racism. And so began the demand that Sterling step down, and that he be removed, as the team’s owner, by the National Basketball Association (NBA). How could he feel so hostile toward players who have made him the billionaire he is? This is clearly a case of cognitive dissonance and yes at 80 years old he needs to resolve his emotional conflicts.
The inappropriate racial comments caused a national protest and the NBA quickly acted banning Sterling for life and fining him 2.5 million. This is clearly felt to be the precursor to him selling the team and many have thrown their hat into the ring to purchase the Clippers.
A number of questions have been raised. Are Sterling’s comments a reflection of viewpoints from his generation? Should he be held accountable for someone invading his privacy? Are his comments a tip of the iceberg or comments that do not reflect the individual’s character?
Lets get real, there is no excuse, there is no understandable rational for his comments, and no tolerance for his inappropriate and irresponsible views. Regardless of race and ethnicity, we are all offended. Sterling must be held accountable and there are consequences that cannot be minimized.
The NBA has evolved and Blacks have been included. Fans are racially and culturally diverse and clearly the Los Angeles Clippers are a reflection of the people. Giving your hostile rant, step aside Donald Sterling change is inevitable.
Most likely we will never see the elimination of racism but we all have a duty to do our best to minimize its impact on our society. That’s right, we all have a duty to make this a better place for us all.
We must applaud the community’s response; applaud the NBA, and while the situation is not resolved we are all moving in the right direction. Sterling will not just disappear; he will not just roll over and I think its fair to assume that we are in for a long litigation process.